We passionately believe in the potential of people and organisations. We delight in seeing that potential become unleashed, grow, and thrive and we love to be a part of that and bear witness to it.

Resources such as money, machinery, materials etc are finite whereas will, that thing that drives people to do what they do with energy and creativity, is infinite.

Inspired by such people as Simon Sinek and his concept of The Golden Circle, Brene Brown and her ideas around shame and Dr Eric Berne and his brainchild Transactional Analysis, and an ever-growing  plethora of Coaches, Mentors, and other inspirational thinkers, we are honoured to be able to support individuals and organisations with

  • Organisational Development and Change
  • Individual or Group Coaching
  • Individual or Group Mentoring
  • Training
  • Supporting Mergers and Aquisitions
  • Project Delivery
  • Content and Resources

We believe in the concept of Capitalism with Conscience and as such we identify with organisations who strive to a greater purpose, fundamentally understand that organisations with a Just Cause are much more likely to survive the ebbs and flows of markets and success and will have the opportunity to profit for the long term.


Our ethical framework mandates that:

  • We will never tell you what you need – we will co-create your bespoke solution.
  • We consider that you already have the materials and tools to effect change and we just need to unlock it.
  • Change is not a command-and-control process – it is an agricultural process where we work with you to create the best environment for you to flourish.
  • We will not offer you things you have not asked for.
  • We do not sell – we make resources available for you to choose.
  • All of our Consultants, Coaches, Trainers and Mentors are aligned to, and work in accordance with, specialist accreditation bodies and operate a reflective practice for continuous improvement.
  • We commit to all contractual, statutory and regulatory frameworks applicable to our assignments

Organisational Development and Change

Over the years, whilst delivering projects for clients, we have realised that, in many cases, organisations struggle not because things are technically complex or challenging but because effective relationships and teamwork are not embedded behaviours.

As a social animal we humans have thrived in large thanks to our ability to cooperate in large groups. In those groups we need space for collective agreement, often referred to as buy-in, accountability and an attention to the results of the team and not individual glory.

And so, our approach to organisational development and change is one of collaboration and co-creation.

Nobody knows your team or your business better than you and nobody knows how to improve effectiveness better than your people. Change can sometimes falter because it may be too radical, too quick and feels more like a blunt force trauma that a new way of being together. Change processes that are consultative, well communicated, gradual and that build on what already exists are much more likely to embed and flourish.

That is why our consultation approach is to understand your organisation or team, identify it’s needs and it’s resources and co-create a change programme that is unique to your needs.

So, What Do We Do?

Why might you want to engage with us? It is fair to say that the upheavals of the last year or so are like nothing we have witnessed in the UK and Europe since the Second World War. The trauma of lockdowns, hybrid and adapted working and the fear of severe illness have been living with us since early 2020. Organisations have had to adapt overnight, shut down or change their core offering in order to survive. The ingenuity, creativity and resilience has been remarkable.

And now, as we emerge from all this with hope and expectation we have the opportunity to create a new and transformational organisation. You may be considering how you integrate your workforce back in to our new normal, be intrigued and excited about how you can embrace hybrid working, support your people to overcome the recent trauma or just kick-start a more creative and resilient business. Whatever your vision we believe in unlocking the potential and this is where we come in.


You do not need to have all the answers immediately. In a consultative process we will work with you to understand where you are at today, what you have already, what you want to have happen and how you would like that to look like. We will co-create a bespoke plan to achieve your desired outcomes in a way that will embed the change and make it the way you operate.

This can include:

  • Employee Engagement and Consultation – Accessing the will, creativity, and energy of your people in a collaborative and well communicated process.
  • Reviewing policies, processes, and standard operating procedures
  • Considering the Business Plan, targets, and objectives to ensure alignment with the desired outcomes.


Once you have decided upon your desired outcome we can make available many tools and services to support you to be the change you want.

Some of these could be:

  • Employee Engagement ad Consultation
  • Facilitation of Change Panels, working groups and committees.
  • Employee Development Pathways
  • Resilience Planning
  • Bespoke training including effective teamwork, communication, and effective behaviours such as One on Ones, internal Coaching and Mentoring.
  • External Coaching and Mentoring to embed learning and behaviour change.

Post-Implementation Support

Change does not happen overnight, and any change process is vulnerable in the early stage. Like a new plant or baby animal the first days, weeks, months and perhaps years are the most precarious as we learn, grow, and enhance resilience. Most change process are stifled, grow stagnant or fail to survive that formative period leading to disappointment, frustration, and disengagement. For change to take root the new culture, behaviours or ways of working must be modelled, nurtured, and encouraged at every opportunity. An inability to effectively embed change can be more damaging than maintaining the status quo.

And so, we do not just walk away. We work with you to ensure that the new shoots have the best chance of thriving. It is fair to say that what brings us most joy is to see a new or renewed sense of happiness, fulfilment, creativity, and energy in an organisation as we know with confidence that the organisation can be much more than the sum of its parts.

Individual or Group Coaching

From time to time, we all, as individuals or with our teams, get to a point where we become stuck. We have a sense of the desired outcome, but we cannot quite seem to put our finger on what we need to do to create that desired outcome.

Coaching is a process by which a well trained and experienced Coach works with you as Coachee to facilitate a process by which you unlock the potential within. A good Coach will never give you the answer but rather will work with you to discover the answers that you already have within you, but maybe just cannot grasp, so that you can choose a set of actions that will get you to your desired outcome.

This may occur in one session, or perhaps a series of sessions, or maybe even precipitating a whole discovery of desired outcomes. Either way it is directed by you and facilitated by us.

There are a number of Coaching approaches and it is certainly not a one size fits all approach. That is why we have Coaches from many different backgrounds and who also use a number if different models and approaches. We encourage our Coaches to learn new models, explore different modalities and constantly seek to broaden their own knowledge and experience so that together we can offer an ever-increasing depth of practice for you.

And if we find a particular approach does not speak to you we will explore all the options until we find what resonates for you. Even if this is to refer you on to a different provider.

Due to current Government restrictions around COVID-19 here in the UK our Coaching services are only available online at the moment. Please enquire for more information on how this works.

Individual or Group Mentoring

Mentoring can be an effective way to embed new ways of being and to support people as they grow within the organisation. Most organisations have a wealth of knowledge, competence, and experience within their workforce ready to support new colleagues and engage with existing colleagues as part of a wider learning and development pathway. This increases overall business resilience and engages our people to learn and grow. It is also a great opportunity for Mentors to share their knowledge and prepare for their own progression.

We can co-create mentoring programmes with you either as a stand-alone process or as part of a wider learning and development process. Our Mentors can either provide direct mentoring or work with your own Mentors in a lead or supervisory capacity.

Due to current Government restrictions around COVID-19 here in the UK our Mentoring services are only available online at the moment. Please enquire for more information on how this works


We are currently revamping our training programme to make our offering available to more by adding online access as well as traditional classroom-based learning. We are also adapting our programme in order to be able to offer Continuous Profession Development (CPD) points to learners to add to their CPD profile.

Watch this space for more details.

Supporting Mergers and Acquisitions

When considering cross-border mergers or acquisitions it is important to consider the cultural differences and divergent working practices between countries. Indeed even within the same country there can be marked cultural differences between organisations. Therefore it is worthwhile to consider the potential of any change to practices and processes in new acquisitions and subsidiaries before starting big change programmes.

With our co-creative ethic we will work with you to understand the differences, and most importantly the commonalities to create a targeted integration plan.

Our network of local advisors can support in the UK and European Union.

Project Delivery

Projects are described as a change to the business as usual. The are specific in terms of outcomes, budgeted and time limited. And for all that they are fundamentally people doing tasks within a timeframe. Projects can vary in complexity from the very basic to the very complex, depending on scope, but all projects require a number of stakeholders to work collaboratively for a shared outcome. Stakeholders include clients, contractors, end users/operators, supply chain and those who live and work in and around what is being created (if it is physical infrastructure). All of these stakeholders must be understood in terms of their needs and inputs.

We provide Project Management and Delivery Services for all manner of projects from Construction to Change Programmes and include:

  • Project Initiation, Mandate and Project Plan
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Project Assurance
  • Project Board Management
  • Project Delivery including Planning and Commercial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sub-Contract Management

Content and Resources

Realising our passion for all things Leadership and Management we produce our podcast Leaders and Managers Hub to promote effective Leadership and Management practices and behaviours. With a mixture of topic discussions, interviews and panel debates we cover a breath of knowledge offering thought and helpful tips for Leaders and Managers and those aspiring to be.

You can find Leaders and Managers Hub – The Podcast via the Podcasts page or wherever you get your podcasts and it is absolutely free.