Our Why

At Campion we exist to live, teach, coach and mentor effective interpersonal behaviours for Project Managers and Leaders so that we can have more successful and fulfilled outcomes at work.

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Our How

We challenge convention and break out of the dogmas that define how things are “always done” to unleash creative thinking and problem-solving, innovation and true fulfilment.

From our 29 years of involvement in project delivery we appreciate that projects are more successful when there is true collaboration between stakeholders and this is most effectively achieved with good interpersonal relationships. Interpersonal relationships allow us to create teams built on trust, constructive engagement, buy-in, accountability and shared results. It is the role of the Project Manager and Leader to create the environment for this team to thrive.

We take joy in seeing individuals and organisations thrive and inspire others. We champion effective leadership behaviours, always doing the right thing and operating in an open and transparent way, so that we can share our lessons.

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