Campion Consultants have created Leaders and Managers Hub in collaboration with Fiona Woof and Gary Spinks.

Leaders and Managers Hub is a community and safe space where Leaders and Managers and those who aspire to Leadership and Management positions, can engage with people to share best practice and promote effective behaviours.

One of the ways we communicate, and engage and share, is via our new podcast series, launching in November 2019. You will find and access all of our publications here.

We hope that you enjoy them and we welcome your feedback.

8 June 2020


Contributor: Lisa Highton, Gary Spinks, Sophie Bryan, Ray Campion

The Team talk about Authenticity. What is it, and why is it important?

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1 June 2020


Contributor: Lisa Highton, Sophie Bryan, Gary Spinks, Ray Campion

Lisa, Sophie, Gary and Ray discuss awareness, of self and of others. What it means to be self-aware and how that is important for leaders…

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18 May 2020

Tentative Steps Out Of Lock Down

Contributor: Gary Spinks, Lisa Highton and Ray Campion

Gary, Lisa and Ray discuss the ramifications of the first steps in emerging from the lock down in England, after UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson,…

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27 April 2020

Culture – Part Two

Contributor: Ray Campion, Gary Spinks, Sophie Bryan

Ray, Gary and Sophie continue on from Part One with our conversation on Culture. Please share your thoughts and experiences to

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20 April 2020

Culture – Part 1

Contributor: Gary Spinks, Sophie Bryan, Ray Campion

In part one of a two part piece Gary, Sophie and Ray discuss culture in organisations. What is it? Is it important? What does it…

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