Campion Consultants have created Leaders and Managers Hub in collaboration with Fiona Woof and Gary Spinks.

Leaders and Managers Hub is a community and safe space where Leaders and Managers and those who aspire to Leadership and Management positions, can engage with people to share best practice and promote effective behaviours.

One of the ways we communicate, and engage and share, is via our new podcast series, launching in November 2019. You will find and access all of our publications here.

We hope that you enjoy them and we welcome your feedback.

18 January 2021


Contributor: Lisa Highton, Sophie Bryan, Gary Spinks, Ray Campion

We have taken time out from our Five Dysfunctions series to talk about the spectre of Redundancy, which is particularly prominent in these times. Redundancy…

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6 July 2020

Is Training Wasted

Contributor: Gary Spinks, Lisa Highton, Sophie Bryan, Ray Campion

Prompted by a conversation on the Manager Tools podcast the team discuss the topic of training and whether we get value for money from it.…

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29 June 2020

Maintaining The Team (aka Poo Hands)

Contributor: Lisa Highton, Gary Spinks, Ray Campion

Prompted by listener correspondence Lisa, Gary and Ray discuss how managers can keep teams together as some people start to return to the workplace. How…

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