Being a Highly Sensitive Person with Julie Bjelland

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Being a Highly Sensitive Person with Julie Bjelland

Oana and Ray talk to an authority on the trait of the Highly Sensitive Person.

Julie Bjelland is a Sensitivity Expert and Licensed Psychotherapist. Founder of the Online Sensitive Empowerment Community, Host of The HSP Podcast and Global HSP Educator.

Julie is the author of:

•             The Empowered Highly Sensitive Person, How to Harness Your Sensitivity into Strength in a Chaotic World

•             Imagine Life with a Well-Behaved Dog: A Three-Step Positive Dog-Training Program

•             And 7 journals for Positivity, Growth and Gratitude

She is a Global Speaker and creator of the highly recommended online courses:

•             Brain Training for the Highly Sensitive Person – Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming Emotions

•             Blooming Brilliantly – Understanding and Loving Who You Are as a Sensitive Person

•             and How to Grow a Heart-Centred Online Business – Feel Empowered to Start and Grow an Online Business as an HSP

Julie is regularly featured in international podcasts, articles for Thrive Global, Highly Sensitive Refuge, Introvert. Dear, Energy Magazine, as a sensitivity expert speaker for Dr. Hanson’s online program and is a member of the faculty of The Shift Network.

Julie is on a mission to empower sensitive people to live their best lives. That’s why she so happily accepted our invitation, and we could not be more excited and fulfilled to facilitate her beautiful contribution to this part of the world.

Julie’s mission is to raise awareness about the sensory processing sensitivity trait, teach highly sensitive people to know their significant value and their inner strength, to honour themselves and their needs, and to authentically share their many gifts with the world. She is bringing HSPs together to learn, connect and get empowered together.


The Sensitive Empowerment Community (Magical and life-transforming Community 😊 ) – https://www.juliebjelland.com/sensitive-empowerment-community

The HSP Podcast www.HSPpodcast.com

The HSP Blog www.HSPblog.com 

Sensitivity Quiz: www.SensitivityQuiz.com

Free Masterclasses with Julie:

High Sensitivity and Anxiety and Reach Financial Freedom Growing a Heart-Centered Online Business You Love: Free Masterclass with Julie – https://www.juliebjelland.com/free-masterclasses-with-julie

(a replay is available if registered).

Education & Tips to Thrive as an HSP:

HSP Courses www.HSPcourses.com 

HSP Books www.SensitiveBooks.com

Julie’s Newsletter:

Sign up for the weekly HSP Newsletter and get a Guide to Calm Your Brain: https://www.juliebjelland.com/newsletter

Additional Free Resources:

Learn about high sensitivity: https://www.juliebjelland.com/about-high-sensitivity

Learn this powerful self-compassion practice: https://www.juliebjelland.com/selfcompassion-technique

A Guide to Sleep Better: https://www.juliebjelland.com/hsp-blog/how-to-sleep-better

Meditations for HSPs: https://www.juliebjelland.com/podcast-1?category=HSP%20Meditation

HSP Practitioner Directory. (Find an HSP therapist, coach, healer) https://www.juliebjelland.com/directory

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Julie Bjelland

8 thoughts on “Being a Highly Sensitive Person with Julie Bjelland

  • Amazing people! Great work! Congrats!

    I am blessed to have the oportunity to hear this podcast. 🙂

  • Game changing ideas

    A fantastic podcast! So many wonderful ideas that I hope to help implement. Thank you!

  • We are delighted that you enjoyed it. Let us know how your journey goes and watch out fore more to come! 🙂

  • Great Episode

    Fantastic! A very interesting episode and topic. Impressed with the quality of this talk and it’s production. Amazing work Oana! Thank you all for bringing this to the world!

  • Very inspirational indeed!

    Congratulations on the HSP podcast release 🤗 it’s really fantastic! I can listen to it again and again 🤗 thank you for doing it!!!

  • Thank you so much. Oana and I are very proud and Oana has used her full HSP Power with this.

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