Organisational Transformation

Time For A Reset? Take Your Time.

Contributor: Ray Campion

Company: Campion Project Consultants

Over the last 14 days we have had countless conversations with SME owners about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It is entirely natural for us to seek some sense in all the uncertainty. As humans we are pre-disposed to look for patterns and precedents to inform our decision making. Where no patterns or precedents exist we feel uncertain and, ultimately, unsafe.

That is okay. It’s natural and should not cause anyone to think they are in over their heads, because we all are.

In conversations, one of the recurring themes is the topic of resets. By this we mean businesses taking these extraordinary events as an opportunity to re-model their business, review values, systems and processes. It is always tempting, during turbulent times, to consider radical transformations. Often there is a feeling that “we should be doing something” as a feeling of inertia can cause additional stress and anxiety. Again this is not an unusual reaction.

AS with any decision which is likely to make a significant change to the business as usual, it pays to take the time to consider what is truly of value and will have the most positive effect, and those which will cause unnecessary destabilisation for little gain. If, prior to this crisis, your business proposition was sound, there is no need to rush into a radical reset. It will be beneficial to evaluate the business model and look at where real improvement can be achieved. This is best initiated with a conversation. Talking to someone about your business can open up streams of thought that can be very revealing.

We champion organisations who understand why they exist, what their cause, purpose or mission is. We support organisations who live that purpose in everything they do, what products or services they provide and how they behave. Organisations who put people first, employees and customers, to create a safe, inter-dependent and innovative culture, are our hero’s.

Evolution and innovation start with a conversation, in an environment where no judgement exists, where every idea is worthy and has merit. In that environment true innovation will occur, with trust and a shared desire to progress.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Have that conversation.