Company: Campion Project Consultants Limited

Would you like to run an organisation where your people feel valued, are loyal and are happy to promote your company to others? Do you want to reduce costly staff turnover?

At Campion, we understand that  to ensure loyalty, productivity and effective behaviours , employees need to feel valued by the organisation. They also need to feel that their employer is willing to invest in their well-being and development. Failure to do so can lead to a costly  turnover of staff.

We believe that the Onboarding process is a vital first step in investing in your staff, your most valuable and expensive resource.

We will work with you to create a tailor-made solution to manage your Onboarding, and create a lasting, positive impression on your people.

  • We will review your existing Onboarding policy and provide recommendations based on feedback from your organisational levels.
  • We will work with your line management levels to engage them in the importance of effective Onboarding.
  • Develop Onboarding strategies and support the implementation.
  • We will ensure that initial one week, one month, three and six month development pathways are created, implemented and measured to maximise employee engagement and output.

We will complete our assignment having created a legacy of added value, with an effective, cost-efficient, Onboarding procedure, making you the organisation people want to work for.

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